The Largest Waste - By Swati Jadhav Taiichi Ohno developed a lean system framework with the foundation of waste reduction. Anything that doesn't add value to [...]

Ten Types of Human Mistakes

FREE TPS / LEAN RESOURCES What are we missing? Forgetfulness Misunderstanding Wrong identification Lack of experience Willful [...]

The Seven Guidelines to Poka – Yoke Attainment

FREE TPS and LEAN Formats at Waydocs.com 1.)  Quality Processes - Design “Robust” quality processes to achieve zero defects. 2.)  Utilize a Team [...]

QCD 101 | For Assembly

ACCESS FREE FILE Visualization Q: Create a situation where 4M changes, quality problems (in the line) of the day, past quality problems (in-coming and [...]

QCD 101 | For the Shipping Area

Visualization Clearly Identify: what, how many pcs, where to, what time and which track. Clearly Identify: from which line or store, when, and how [...]